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Rating 1 For Life*If you have been a Rating 1 driver with your current insurer for the past 2 years and have made no ‘at fault’ claims in that time, you’re automatically eligible for Rating 1 For Life at no extra cost. Your Rating 1 is protected, no matter how many claims you have in the future or who is at fault.
2 Year New Replacement VehicleIf you are the first registered owner of a car, 4WD, motor cycle, utility or van up to 2 tonnes carrying capacity, you can choose to accept a new replacement vehicle of the same make, model and series if your vehicle:

  • Has comprehensive cover and
  • Is a total loss within 2 years of the date your vehicle was first registered.
Lifetime repair guaranteeThe quality of materials and workmanship used in authorised repairs are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle, even if you no longer own it. This means that we will fix up any problems caused by faulty material or workmanship.
Choice of RepairerAs a standard policy feature of the comprehensive car insurance, you have the option to choose your own repairer. If you choose a repairer that does not meet the high standards required of our recommended or approved repairers, we may not authorise your repairs and our Lifetime Repair Guarantee will not apply.
Windscreen/Window glass OptionIf you have comprehensive cover, you can pay extra to receive cover for your windscreen or window glass on your vehicle. If your windscreen is damaged as a result of an event you will not have to pay any excess for the first claim per insurance period.
Hire car after an event OptionIf you pay extra and have comprehensive cover, and we agree, we will arrange and pay the reasonable costs for a “small” category hire car for up to 14 days if your vehicle is damaged by an event. You can choose to upgrade the hire car category if the hire car company agrees and you pay any extra cost. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.
No Claim DiscountYou could save up to 60% off your comprehensive insurance premium with a No Claim Discount. We will also give you a No Claim Discount if you have been driving a company vehicle and had no accidents or claims.
Tailor the premium you pay to suit youYou can choose a higher basic/flexible excess to reduce the cost of your insurance, or a lower excess and pay less if you claim. Sometimes, a minimum excess applies.
Named Driver (Restricted Cover)If you have this option you will get a premium discount but your comprehensive cover is restricted to the named drivers listed on your certificate of insurance. Claims for accidental loss or damage (to your vehicle or to other people’s property) will only be covered if the person driving or in charge of your vehicle was, at the time of the event:

  • A listed driver or
  • Not at fault (and we agree) or
  • Using your vehicle to seek medical treatment and you can show us evidence of this or
  • A commercial operator you pay for repairing, servicing or testing your vehicle or
  • Working for payment as a car park or carwash attendant or a valet.


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